Edge Fitness Clubs

We are here for you, tell us what your fitness needs are:


No problem, everyone starts somewhere. As a new member you will get a 2 x free body assessment and our amazing Fitness app, PTinMyPocket. PTIMP has hundreds of workout videos & training routines. Our Master trainer will select a program to suit your goals that pulls through to your app to guide you through your routine. PTIMP updates your routine as you progress and measures your progress… Our friendly Trainers are also available in the club to assist you …  Welcome to the world of Fitness technology.

Join from R219 pm  (Scholar) – R269 pm & get PTIMP free.


I’ve trained before so if I’m given a program and shown the machines I’m good to go. I may want a body assessment from time to time but don’t need help every day. I’m happy with set class times, will find a partner, or train on my own. I am budget conscious so as long as there is an instructor on the floor to help if I get stuck I’ll be fine.

Join from R269 pm 


I don’t want to think about what my next workout is and I can make set training times. I like training in a small group and enjoy connecting with new people. Group based training will motivate me and my budget can adjust to get programmed classes with a Personal Trainer.

Join a small group with programmed workouts from R649 pm & cancel with 30 days notice anytime.


I like to be able to choose what happens In my sessions and my training times. Having a Personal Trainer will get me better results as i like to be guided towards my goals. My budget can adjust and I may need some specialized training to get me to the place I want or to overcome an old injury. 

Train 1 on 1 with a qualified PT for as little as  R999 pm, & cancel with 30 days notice anytime.